Are You Being Fooled?

I can't tell you how many times people have said to me, "We just got our child's milestone photos done at {insert major retail studio name here} and we ended up paying twice what we would have if we'd gotten the "works" with you.  What were we thinking?" 

Believe it or not, I used to refuse to take my own child's milestone photos.  Given that she was my first child, I had this crazy idea that I had to experience her photos as a parent, not as a photographer.  However, after paying close to $200 on just a few photos at this "discount" photo studio inside a major department store, I soon realized that I had been fooled. 

How do they do it?  They tell you it's a "free sitting fee" then they discount the photos to a certain low amount per sheet.  Then, once you're done, you end up paying a small fortune for photos you may not even like.  Not only are the photos just like every example you see on the wall at the studio and there is nothing unique to your child or your family in them.  But also, your photographer probably rushed you through the short appointment and ignored your ideas.  But because your children are the most priceless possessions you have, you buy.  They've got you.

But gone are the days of hiring an individual photographer once every 10 years for family photos.  Because I operate my business out of my home, I don't have that overhead that retail studios have.  Not only that, I allow you to own your own photos and print them on an unlimited basis.  That helps in the case that photos are lost or damaged.  You can maintain your own archives for years to come.  That's pretty priceless.  You're also free to share low resolution files on your Facebook.  I also work hard to make sure my clients know they are special, and that they are my friends.  That's the part I love the most about my job.

So no matter what, it's best to skip the big guys and give the "little man" a chance.  Be it your son's 3 month photos or your wedding, you're better off financially and for memory's sake to go with a photographer, not a studio.

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